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Our company is one of the best Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier companies in Indonesia. You must know that these are the most recommended packaging for several products such as nuts, onions, citrus, shellfish, and many more again.

Leno is also known as the Woven one. They are recommended for those purposes since the packaging is form – stable, breathable, and solid as well. These items can be used for any seasonal or year-round products such as firewood. How these things made?

In fact, our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier need several steps to create the high – quality ones. First of all, the polypropylene will be melted and extruded by using the special machines. Then, that material is cut into tapes or yarns of some different width.

After that, it will be processed further into four important stages. Our staff will ensure that the end result is the premium ones. The result is that they come at a reasonable price as well. All of them are strong and for sure durable.

Our International Standard Products

As one of the best Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia, the whole items we made always have the international – standard quality. They are checked by the experienced quality control save to ensure you will get only the best.

Besides that, our company is not only making one type of packaging but more. Your satisfaction as our client is the main concern. Each of the items is made, wicket, and woven by using the latest technology operated by talented people.

Those are done to ensure that only the best items will be delivered to the customers. With the printing capabilities and full graphic technology that we own, our company could make the custom package to accommodate the specific needs.

Are you having an individual business or running the huge companies that need the big order? Don’t worry since our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier will fulfill all kinds of orders. Here are the high – quality items we offer.

  1. Leno Mesh Bags


It has been stated that several important stages must be done carefully. That is done to create only the strong and premium quality items. Basically, these products are looked like a basket with a binder at the top.

We create various colors for this packaging. If you want to, our company could help to glue the label onto the fabric. It will ensure that your customers know about the brand of the stuff which is sold. What amazing marketing to have.

  1. Mesh Net Bag


Besides that, our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier also produced another item. It is called net packaging so far. It is made in a smaller size than the first option above. It is a great choice to package some goods.

Those are like eggs, garlic, potatoes, vegetables, carrot, fruits, and so on. We provide different colors of items such as red, white, blue, and so on. Let this product also help to maintain the freshness of several goods where they put in a fridge.

  1. Vegetable Mesh Bag


This item is specially designed by our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier will hold your fruit properly. It will prevent them from damage or become a mess when placed anywhere. It is recommended for a big business in that sector.

This item is perfect for any thick skin products such as apple, orange, pear, pineapple, etc. Besides, it is also recommended for the root veggies such as garlic, onions, potatoes, cassava, beat, and many more again since it has a huge size.

  1. Mesh Packaging Bag


This item will make everyone envy. Our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier design it so special at an affordable price. We have various different sizes for this item where the colors are also varied. Those are purple, red, black, etc.

We serve the custom order as well. It means that you could order even the smaller size where they are usually used for a wedding souvenir or something like that. A cute rope is placed at the top part to make it is cuter.

  1. Fruit Mesh Bag


Do you want to organize the fruits neatly before they are sold? If it is so, this stuff is the right option. The shape is like a net in the right stitches to ensure that the goods inside it will be not degraded or exit. The size is varied.

You could choose it based on the need such as for the big, medium, or even the small fruits. Our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier provides everything for the clients for any types of orders; small or huge ones.

  1. Pp Polypropylene Mesh Bag


It is one of the best – seller items loved by so many people. Pp Polypropylene has a relatively low mass weight, but has great strength. You could say that it is the ideal option for bulk material packaging.

Because of its characteristics, our Pp Polypropylene can be used to store and carry several heavy goods. Those are like the watermelon, wood, and something like that. Since it is made from high – quality material, it is so durable.

  1. Tubular Mesh Bag


Our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier also make the Tubular types. That is made from polyethylene by using a special machine. We produce and supply various models with different sizes, netting structures, and for sure colors.

It means that you have various options to find the best fittings for any fresh products. It comes with a sealer. Usually, those are the automatic packaging and also hand clipping. The example is like the sleeve model that we make.

  1. Onion Mesh Bag


The onion packaging from our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier is so strong. It will help you to maintain the onion and garlic neatly. It will be so useful if you want to sell those products to the market or for shipping purposes.

We only use the best materials for production and the structure of the nets is also very diverse. Don’t worry about the size since our company provides some different options for you. It is perfect for the small or even huge delivery trade in the market.

  1. Fruit Packaging Bag


The fruit packaging item that we made is 100% safe. It is created from food-grade materials, so that will not create any bad effects when contacted to the fruit or high temperatures. How about the outside look of this packaging?

In fact, our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier provide some options for clients. Those are like the clear and plain colors with the strong seal above. The sizes are also varied so that you could choose based on your needs so far.

  1. Black and Silver Agriculture Mulch Film


Do you need the agriculture mulch film to protect the plants? Our company provides it and that could be purchased in various types of orders. The black and silver colors are available. It is the right option for individual or institution usage.

This item comes in several different layers. Those are three up to five layers to give you the best advantage. The mulch film that our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier made is loved by the clients because of its amazing quality and function.

We Are Flexible and Cost – effective

We open to any kinds of orders that the clients have. With years of experience, our company is used to handle huge or even small orders. In addition, the expert staff will help in the bundling or palletizing process really well and neat.

That is the maximize process at a minimal cost. It can press the delivery cost so well. It means that clients or customers could save their money more than before. Our stocks are always ready to fulfill the markets’ needs.

These packaging can be delivered to different areas and places in the same country. However, it is also possible for our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier to deliver them abroad. The price is reasonable so that it will be profitable.

The Graded – One Materials

As a professional company in Indonesia, we only use high quality materials such as polyethylene and so on. Those are delivered from the trusted source as well where our staff will always check the condition before it is used.

Only the best one without defective parts will be used by our Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier. Then the modern machines with the newest technology that we have could process those raw materials properly without any mistakes.

In the end, our well – experienced quality control staffs will check all the products. They have the international – standard rule to follow. Everything will be checked such as the appearance, strength, shape perfection, and many more again; only the best that passed those checks.

Finally, you could get one of the best items to handle and store the goods. Want to order now? We have an interesting offer for you right now. Check our website to explore more. Contact the Leno mesh bag manufacturer and supplier service now.

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