Fruit Mesh Bag

Fruit Mesh Bag


Fruit mesh bags are widely used in product packaging of fresh products. It is because of the unique properties that make them perfect for fruit containers. Effective packaging for perishable produce is vital to maintain the quality. Without excellent materials and techniques, it will make spoils and waste that can affect the business profit. Thus, we introduce the highest quality of fruit mesh bags.

What is a Fruit Mesh Bag?

With fruit mesh bags all people, including traders, farmers, and consumers are able to conserve the quality of agricultural products. The best feature of fruit mesh bags is permeability. These properties can help preserve the life and quality of the fruit. These bags are unique in that they are loosely woven to make a good airflow around the goods, which causes the spoilage of fruits and fresh produce.

The Benefits of Fruit Mesh Bag

Other benefits of using fruit bags for produce include the materials’ balance between rigidity and flexibility. It protects the integrity of the contained produce. This bag also has the durability characteristic, which allows for long term use even with rough handling. Fruit mesh bag also has a lightweight for convenient handling and packaging for any type of fresh produce.

The main substance of polypropylene of fruit mesh bags is non-reactive and non-toxic, making it safe to use around agricultural commodities. Best of all, fruit mesh bags are a cost-effective choice for packaging solutions. You can calculate the number of packaging goods with minimum cost while ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility.

As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we make the best packaging solution for an entire range of end uses and applications, including fruit mesh bags. As the competition became intense, we intended to keep the trust of our loyal consumers by producing the best packaging solution. Thus, we maintain our presence in the market and use the latest technology to meet customer needs.

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