Leno Mesh Bags

Leno Mesh Bag


Leno mesh bag is one of the packaging solutions for numerous sectors, including agricultural products. It is because the property of leno sack is permeability and environmental, which helps preserve the life and quality of fruits. For these reasons, we offer leno mesh bags of high quality for alternative packaging. We use the latest technology and follow the trend to meet the clients’ needs.

What is a Leno Mesh Bag?

Leno mesh bags are widely used in product packaging solutions for a lot of sectors since they feature excellent material. The best feature of leno mesh bags is permeability, which helps the quality and the freshness of agricultural products, such as a vegetable and fruit. A Leno mesh bag is also made from loosely woven material to create good airflow around the contained product.

The Benefits of Using Leno Mesh Bag

Since the leno bag is made in a good airflow and breathable, it helps maintain the freshness of fruit and vegetable. This feature can prevent moisture through the proper inflow of air around the packaging products that can cause spoilage in fruits and vegetables. Other benefits to using leno mesh bags for produce include the material’s balance between flexibility and rigidity.

Not only have that, but the leno mesh bag is lightweight for convenient handling and packaging solutions for almost all products. The non-reactive and nontoxic material can make it safe for agricultural products. Best of all, leno mesh bags are a cost-effective choice to make packaging expenses with a minimum budget while ensuring environmental and sustainability performance.

Our company produces and supplies the best quality of leno mesh bags since we employ the latest technology in bag making, weaving, and wicket. We also provide full graphic and printing capabilities in customized designs to meet the specific needs of our clients. So, the customers can choose and pick the best quality packaging solution from our leno mesh bag.

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