Onion Mesh Bags

Onion Mesh Bags


As prominent manufacturers and suppliers of packaging solutions, we introduce onion mesh bags for our customers. By following all the market trends, we make onion mesh bags sturdy in structure and sustain high standards. We also provide onion mesh bags in various patterns and designs, including the customization orders. Thus, we have a large number of satisfied customers all over the nation.

What is Onion Mesh Bag?

The onion mesh bag is a series of packaging solutions for agricultural products. It is because they are valued not only by farmers, but also by various trades, consumer, merchandising associations, or authorities that deal with agricultural products. In case you do business in the fresh produce sector, then it’s essential to use an onion mesh bag for packaging solutions.

The Benefits of Using Onion Mesh Bag

Because of their excellent air permeability, onion mesh bags are considered the standard in packaging agricultural applications, especially onion. These bags are woven and designed specifically to preserve the freshness and good product. It is because onion mesh bags allow the airflow and avoid inner moisture from accumulating, which can cause spoilage, waste, and damage.

Onion mesh bags can help increase the life of certain types of dry skin products, including onion approximately up to 50%. Also, the lightweight properties in this bag material can help in transporting fresh products easily. Onion mesh bags have a nontoxic and non-chemicals material that is safe for agricultural products. With this in mind, they are perfect to make the onion keep longer and stay fresh.

As the best manufacturer and supplier, we provide the best quality product of onion mesh bags. We also offer full printing and graphics capabilities for our customers that want to have the brand in the onion mesh bag. To meet our specific clients’ needs, we also provide the onion mesh bag in numerous colors (standard and full colors) and different types of fabric materials.

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