PP Polypropylene Mesh Bags

PP Polypropylene Mesh Bag


As the best manufacturers and suppliers in packaging solutions, we introduce the durable mesh bag that is made from polypropylene or known as PP mesh bag. PP mesh bag is made from a thermoplastic resin material that is used in numerous agricultural products, industrial products, and other fresh goods. We provide mesh bags of the best quality to help our customer’s needs.

What is a PP Polypropylene Mesh Bag?

PP polypropylene mesh bag is one of the packaging solutions that are made from a thermoplastic resin material that is produced by the polymerization of propylene. This mesh bag is in the strips or threads shape that has been woven in two directions and weaves to create a light model. Not only have that, but this mesh bag is made from a durable and heavy-duty material.

The Application of PP Polypropylene Mesh Bag

The main uses of PP mesh bags are storing and transporting agricultural goods. It includes packing fruits, vegetables, feeds, and aquatic products. PP bags that are used in agricultural products, including PP woven bag, fertilizer PP woven bags, and vegetable mesh bag. Also, PP mesh bags are widely used in food packaging, such as food woven PP bags and flour PP mesh bags.

PP Polypropylene mesh bags are almost used by everyone, including farmers, workers, cargo agents, and suppliers. Besides that, PP mesh bags are used for specific purposes in the industrial and agricultural sectors. For instance, PP mesh bags have UV protection and anti-aging functions, allowing them longer protection in the sunlight.

We make PP mesh bags of high quality to serve our customers. To meet our clients’ needs, we offer the normal PP mesh bag with printing simple brand text and images in three colors. Also, we accept the orders in the full-color printing with the lamination. Not only provide the best quality, but we also create designs for our customer uses.

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  1. Hello, I am looking for cost of PP bags please. I need white colour, UV ray protection, 20 inches x 32 inches with 1/4 inch ventilation holes. Can you please provide me with pricing per bag, as well as cost and savings if larger quantities are ordered. This is potentially for 30,000 bags per month. Printed and non-printed options please.

    Thank you

    1. helo Lisa
      can you send me the detail to our email?

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