Tubular Mesh Bags

Tubular Mesh Bag


As the best manufacturers and suppliers, we are specializing in packaging for customers in the agricultural sectors, including fruit and vegetable. To meet our clients’ needs, we make a high quality of packaging products. We introduce tubular mesh bags as packaging solutions in different ranges. We invest in innovative, customer-oriented, and flexible products to give the best product for our clients.

What is a Tubular Mesh Bag?

The tubular mesh bag is one of the packaging solutions made from polyethylene. There are numerous colors, sizes, and netting structures best fitting the diverse range of fresh products. Tubular bags are available in rolls for automatic packing and covering trays. There is also a single tubular bag for hand packaging. Also knitted tubular mesh bag is available on sleeves, bales for automatic packaging, and hand clipping.

The Uses of Tubular Mesh Bag

Tubular mesh bags are well-known to create a lightweight package. Not only have that, but his type of mesh bag is easy to handle. It is mostly used for packaging agricultural sectors, including fruits (citruses, apples, and oranges), hard dry goods (potatoes, onion) or to wrap products in plastic trays. Tubular mesh bags are available in a knitted and extruded form that can be chosen.

We hold expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of tubular mesh bags. The said tubular packaging is also available in open weave polypropylene fabric finish that counteracts better airflow around produce packed in the bag. Also, available in drawstring finishing designs. It is widely used for meeting packaging loads of harvests like cabbage, corn, citrus fruits, and others.

As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of packaging solutions, we provide the best quality product of tubular mesh bags. This bag is available in a wide variety of ranges, including sizes, colors, and netting structure. We also accept all the orders, including the custom tubular mesh bag in the simple color printed or a full color printed to meet our customer necessity.

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